Doug’s R Guide

In Fantasy Sports, and many other walks of life, statistics have become paramount to strong decision-making and long-term success at the craft. If you've had experience with Excel, but never found the tools to help you take that next step toward something more high-powered yet more efficient, check out this guide, brought to you free of charge courtesy of Doug, to get a true leg up on the competition.

Our resident expert (creator of The Sim and countless other smaller trinkets of NHL data collection) offers an intro-level look at what fantasy players tend to know already and applies it in an easy-to-follow guide that bridges the knowledge gap between Excel and the stats software "R", which will make life 100 times easier on regular DFS participants.

We would love your feedback and plan on expanding this guide to offer what will truly become a high-octane R Guide, capable of bringing your coding game from the Press Box to the First Line.


The MSP Team