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Hello and Welcome to the Morning Skate Podcast! If you know what we are, keep scrolling to see who we are and learn more about us.

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Meet the Hosts

At the Morning Skate Podcast, we pride ourselves on being informative while also being entertaining. As three life-long friends, we keep each other (and the listener) entertained in a variety of ways, so here's a little bit about us that we'd like you to know before you tune in.

Matt Moody

Formerly the head of NHL Content at Fantasy Insiders (recently acquired by Rotogrinders), Matt is currently a free agent, but having recently graduated and found a real job, he doesn't necessarily oppose being viewed as his generation's DFS Jaromir Jagr.

You can find him on Twitter @FakeMoods and on DraftKings as "moods"

DJ Mitchell

DJ was born for the podcasting industry. A life-long Sabres fan and obsessive prospect-watcher, he could talk for hours about the NHL.

DJ has won a Live Experience (Stadium Series in MIN) on DraftKings, where he goes by "DJSabres", and you can find him on Twitter @DJ_Mitchell94

Doug Liebe

The pod's resident computer guy, Doug has used his extensive knowledge of hockey and computer programming to create "The Sim" (which is currently under renovation for the '17-'18 season).

You can find Doug grinding out the Quarter Arcade on DK by the username "dougliebe" and on Twitter @dougliebe

As far as real-life goes, the trio went to high school together in Brockport, NY, where they played on the hockey team for one glorious season (seriously, watch this legendary performance).

Matt headed off to NYC, where he attended St. John's University and graduated in May 2017 with a degree in Actuarial Science despite having no ambitions of becoming an Actuary. Imagine studying for, and taking, the Bar Exam with no desire to ever become a lawyer. It's kinda like that. Smart guy. Matt currently works for a Market Research firm in Philadelphia.

DJ took his (drinking) talents to St. Bonaventure, where he double majored in Management and Marketing and is currently finishing up his MBA in Business, all the while claiming his school's basketball team matters (it doesn't).

Doug graduated from Ohio State University in December of 2016 with a degree in Animal Science, and is currently enrolled in a PhD program at Virginia Tech, combining his two true loves: Statistics and Dairy Science. Yes, you read that right, the man loves his cows.

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  • Morning Skate Podcast – 2/15 February 15, 2018
    Matt and DJ walk through a loaded 11-game slate, touching on relevant news and interesting statistics to filter out the good plays from the great ones. Tune in for an entertaining look into Thursday’s DFS NHL action!   Follow us on Twitter @MorningSkatePod and check out MorningSkatePod.com https://archive.org/download/morningskatepod_gmail_215_201802/2%2015.mp3 Advertisements
  • Morning Skate Podcast – 2/13/18 February 13, 2018
    DJ and Matt briefly mourn the injury to Jack Eichel then recap an exciting weekend of hockey, while giving updates on DFS-relevant goings-on around the league. Tune in for DFS NHL news, notes, and plays to make your lineup construction process better! Follow us on Twitter @MorningSkatePod   https://archive.org/download/morningskatepod_gmail_213/2%2013.mp3
  • Morning Skate Podcast – 2/8 February 8, 2018
    Matt and DJ discuss a 9-game NHL slate, including some very rare Goalie Talk, a discussion of all the top plays on Thursday’s slate, and all the news and notes needed to get ahead of the competition.   Follow us on Twitter @MorningSkatePod and MorningSkatePod.com https://archive.org/download/morningskatepod_gmail_28/2%208.mp3